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You won't put it down! Zekpro anti-enxiety fidget spinner is a premium one. This fidget toy will spin more than any other we've tested. Even my kid was very enthusiastic about how long it spin.more...


How long ZekPro it spins?

This is how long ZekPro fidget spins, as a new toy right out of the box.

I am not very sure if this toy require an introduction. I belive that you already know what a spinner is. If you are still wondering what's the purpose of a fidget spinner toy, it's very simple: will keep your hand (or hands) busy while your brain is focused on your task. One of the best feature of this ZekPro anti-anxiety fidget spinner: is suitable for adults and kids - the radius is approx. 47mm. And it's a very good product, a premium one, I would say! As you can see in the demo, it's not wobbling around and moving - this is a sign of a great spinner, a centered one.

ZekPro Spinner Facts

As I already said, it's radius is 47mm - suitable for kids and adults. The body of this spinner is plastic and the type of bearing is stainless steel (ABEC 7) - it's very quiet and smooth (very smooth ball bearings).

  • Is it a scam?
    No, I have it, I use it!
  • Does it have two holding caps?
    Yes - one on the top and one on the bottom.
  • Would I be able to use it in class?
    Yes, it doesn't make any noise. Anyway, I but do not recommend using it in class - see below why.
  • Is it suitable for kids?
    Yes, my 11 year old kid is already using it. 
  • Is it metal or plastic?
    It's ABS/Plastic but very robust (+ smooth stainless steel ball bearings)
  • How do I lubricate the bearings?
    You can use any oil you want (I use skate roles oil). You can't take the bearings out (of course not) but the caps pop right off and you can remove them and interchange your entire bearing circle.
  • Should I buy this one?
    I have it, I use it (also my 11 year old kid is using it)

How to use a spinner?

ZekPro Spinner

The best fidget spinner you should buy for this price.

Of course, spinning on the table, as you can see on this demo above - but probably this is not the reason why you would purchase it, right? Anyway, this was not my reason. You probably want to buy one so you could fidget with it (while working and/or thinking) to get rid of some anxiety/ADD/ADHD and so on. Indeed, a spinner could help you with that. You can do that by using your thumb and index finger - placing them on the top and bottom center caps of the spinner.

The easiest way would be to use your one hand to spin the spinner while holding it with other hand. Anyway, the best way is to use your thumb and index finger on the center caps and then wedge your middle finger between the bearings on the Zekpro Spinner. You can stop it with a middle finger, flip it around and just continue to fidget with it all day long.

Scientifically proven?

It's a true fact that a fidget spinner can help (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and autism) but is not a cure treatment!  It's not a pharmaceutical replacement or something like that. In fact, this toy can trick your brain while using it. When you stop using it, everything is back to normal. This is how our brain works. Conclusion: a fidget spinner it's a harmless toy but I do not recommend using it in school - I bet it's annoying for teachers (if you are a student, imagine how it's like to see your teachers spinning a toy all day long).

Originally published: May 23rd, 2017


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