What is Fresh Ocean?

Fresh Ocean is a platform written by people to serve people. It's a public platform created with quality and value in mind. It's a review/article based platform. Despite other review websites out there, let's see why are we different:

  • Free for everyone (visitors and reviewers).
  • Weekly email notification when prices goes down for a favourite product you follow.
  • You can become a reviewer/marketer and make money with your own affiliate links.
  • As a reviewer/marketer, you don't need to create, maintain and optimize a website.
  • Be part of a growing community.

Our Main Goal

People are always looking for valuable reviews before buying a product but it's hard for many marketers to create a non-niche website. Many marketers are creating small niche websites but as you already know, to start a website is not easy and sometimes not cheap at all (also, you need a lot of time to invest - months or years). Also, it's very hard to rank because of huge competition out there. So creating together OUR authoritative website, it's a game changing. We are planning to grow in time and add more and more useful features for both: marketers and visitors. We are focusing on quality and value - so if you want to join us on becoming a marketer/reviewer, you're welcome. It's free and ready to start. You need to just start, action is everything.

How Fresh Ocean Started

My name is Dorin Grigoras and I've started working alone for one month writing from scratch this platform (using my own PHP framework, if you are curious - it's not a public CMS like wordpress). Was a hard work but luckily, 15+ years of web development helped me a lot. I've started working in my very small room, using a laptop and an external monitor (was a funny adventure, something like hackathon but working 14h/day for 30 days). This project is hosted right now on Digital Ocean (yep, it's a funny name coincidence but also, it's a great VPS I recommend for your website, or next one).

This is how I've spent my 30 days, working 14h/day for Fresh Ocean Project.


From now, Fresh Ocean is not anymore one man project, it's a comunity. We grow together creating quality content for readers (providing useful information) and making money from our reviews using our affiliate links. Marketing is the future, unleash your creativity!